1 ) Can I use SmileGuard more than once a day?

Use SmileGuard Brace Relief Rinse every time you brush you teeth for maximum benefits.

2 ) Will SmileGuard burn canker sores or cuts caused from wires and brackets?

SmileGuard does not contain alcohol, and is made with natural glycerin and aloe vera.  The glycerin and aloe vera form a barrier that relieves and helps heal cuts and sores.

3 ) Does SmileGuard have a whitening agent?

The Xylitol and Sodium Hexametaphosphate are natural whiteners.  They help protect the teeth from stains but do not whiten like peroxide products.

4 ) Can I get SmileGuard without a prescription?

SmileGuard is a professional dental product, however it does not require a prescription. You can get SmileGuard through any dentist listed on our locator site, or you may order online from www.smile-guard.com

5 ) What is Orthodontics and How Does It Work?

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